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Inthe Xth century

The castle Gressière dates from the tenth century. The Castle, a fortress surrounded by moats, dominated Bourgneuf Bay. To the north was the keep, an imposing tower.

The domain depended on the Priory of Moutiers, to which the lord of the Gressière had to pay a royalty.

In the 19th century

… the castle belonged to Renée Meunier de Beaumont, married to Gabriel Charrette de Boisfoucault whose family, descendants of the lords of Sainte Pazanne, lived in the castle of Moulin Henriet. In the middle of the 19th century, the old Gressière castle falling into ruins, was destroyed and rebuilt by Renée Meunier’s son of Beaumont, Arthur Charrette de Boisfoucault in Louis XIV style. The house was surrounded by a vast estate and five farms. When Arthur Charrette de Boisfoucault died, the castle was sold.

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